Eco-friendly insulation and its benefits

The pink color might come to your mind first whenever you think of insulation. But insulation can probably be green also. Almost every homeowner leaves the decision of the installation of insulations to the home contractors as it is probably a difficult task. Insulation can never be designed with the same aesthetics in mind.

With the modernization in different aspects of life, you may now see a new wave of installation that is the eco-friendly installation that is a way more worth experiencing than the other kind of insulation. This new insulation can now be more valuable for your remodelling projects and green buildings.

Do you know that adding insulation to your home can be a great way to decrease your carbon footprint? Yes, it is beneficial because the added protection from the insulation elements means that you will now use less energy to heat your home, and this will also retain your air conditioning longer.

In this blog, I have penned down some other benefits of eco-friendly insulation. Just have a look at them.

1: It has a lower manufacturing cost:

Do you know that eco-friendly insulation has a lower manufacturing cost? True. Different insulation options like cork, wool, and shredded denim need a minuscule amount of energy to produce compared to the other fibreglass insulations. This takes about ten times more energy to make fibreglass insulation than cellulose insulation.

As you know that saving even a little amount of energy during production means a decrease in harmful greenhouse gases, this insulation is quite more beneficial than the other forms of insulation as it gives us more benefits by lowering the cost of its manufacture.

2: It is made of safe and Sustainable materials:

Formaldehyde-free and natural materials like the products used in eco-friendly insulation are the best choice for a healthy and green home. Like fibreglass, different insulation materials like cotton and wood are completely safe and easy to handle, and these materials can not be harmful to your skin and respiratory tract.

Opting for insulation with recycled materials can benefit you as it reduces your carbon footprints. Investing in products that are not harmful to you can never be a bad idea. Eco-friendly insulation is an excellent form of insulation made up of sustainable and completely safe materials.

3: It can save your energy cost:

Well, that’s true. No doubt that you can get the recommended insulation factor by using fibreglass insulation. Many insulation manufacturers in the market can easily claim the reduction in the cost of energy that insulation is designed to provide. But it is undeniable that these green insulators are not only safe but are more sustainable also.

However, these green insulators are more eco-friendly and provide you with better insulation per square inch. For example, one of the eco-friendly insulation types sprays foam insulation, “Icynene”, can reduce your home’s energy bill by 40 to 50 percent.


The eco-friendly insulation is extremely beneficial for the people looking for the new insulation installation in their houses, and this is valuable and beneficiary in many ways. So, whenever you think of installing new insulation in your house, just call us, and we are just a call away.

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