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Insulating a new or existing home can contribute to lower electricity bills and enhance the comfort of the environment. Some homeowners are determined to insulate their home or where to insulate but are unsure where to begin. These are just some specific areas of the home that should be insulated.

Heat is constantly moving from a warmer to a cooler zone. In the winter, this means heat is escaping from your household, causing your furnace to work harder to compensate and your energy bills to increase consequently. During the warmer months, outdoor heat enters the house and negates the effectiveness of your A/C unit, increasing cooling costs. One of the major safeguards against unwanted heat loss or heat gain.

When you are wondering where to insulate, or the areas to Insulate in Your Home for maximum effectiveness, consider these basic facts.

Where to insulate – What areas of your home need insulation?

The temperature goes up to the roof. Because a significant amount of indoor temperature is depleted through the ceiling, the roof or attic would be regarded as the most important area of the home where to insulate for colder months comfort and efficiency. During the summer, attic insulation prevents excessive heat gain from transmitting down through the roof into the rooms below.

The two most common insulating materials are fiberglass batts that roll out between the ceiling joists in the attic and piles of cellulose loose-fill blasted into the attic under air pressure. The Department of Energy advises a minimum depth of one foot of fiberglass batts or 10 inches of cellulose loose fill in a cooler climate zones, however, more is preferable.

How to insulate a house with existing walls?

You do not have to tear down your old walls to install the new, much-needed insulation. If the walls are empty or have had insulation for over a decade, you can have insulation pumped through small openings from the inside or outside rather than removing and reapplying drywall. Injection Foam insulation is applied as a liquid and spreads gradually. In contrast to spray-in-place foam, which grows in seconds. Because of its slow rise, injection foam can fill even the smallest cracks and openings in the structure.

This makes it an ideal choice for insulating existing walls that have never been insulated or had insulation installed for over a decade. The spray-in-place, foam is known to insulate areas with known air leaks, but it also prevents leak outs from unexpected places due to its comprehensive coverage.

How to Prevent Cold Floors in the winter naturally?

A home needs to be a cozy and comfortable place for both you and your family no regardless of the season. However, if you are constantly battling against cold floors, you might just find yourself stressed rather than cozy in your own home. There are multiple reasons why a home’s floors are cold. Uncovering the source of your cold floors would help you choose the perfect strategy to make your home cozy and comfortable from ceiling to floor. Some floor materials are colder by nature than others are. Because carpeting offers additional insulation on the floors, wood flooring, natural stone, and linoleum tiles are colder than carpeted floors, making them one of the Best Places Where to Insulate Your Home.

Installing carpeting or using area rugs to insulate your floorboards can do the trick and keep them warm. Thin rugs or carpets may not be able to keep cold floors warm as well as thicker ones, so opt or a thicker material to improve the insulation against the cold. If a room is chilly or breezy, it is possible that cold air from outside is entering and cooling your floors. This occurs when the proper sealing around entry points to the outside residence, such as windows and doors is lacking. To prevent this, replace the weather stripping on your window and doorframes on a yearly basis to ensure there are no leakages.

This also contributes to the energy efficiency of your home where to insulate, lowering energy bills. If you are not familiar with the structure of your home, or have inherited a family home, it is better to hire a professional insulation company to inspect the house and offer a reliable solution. WhetherTek is an affordable insulation company that has years of experience in insulating homes and can offer you convenient solutions depending on your budget.

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